Wax LRS Product Capabilties

Put your L&D data to use. Get the specialized reporting you need and drive feedback loops in other systems.

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Be a "citizen data scientist" & explore your learning data

Depending on the data sent to Wax LRS, standard reports appear on specific activity and agent views, and on all LRS data. Reports include statement & activity timelines, results & response summaries, completion reports, interactive experience path analysis for deep insights into how people use your content, question analysis for assessing the quality of your content, activity streams, recently popular content, and score distributions.

Easily browse and navigate your LRS data.


Align reporting with your organizational competencies

Competency reporting in Wax is a way to define which activities, behaviors, and results should be associated with a higher level accomplishment or topic. Criterion can be assigned different weights based on their importance for meeting the competency requirements. Reports can be collated in near-real-time to see who has or hasn't been awarded the competency and what progress they've made.

Instantly tell who is competent in a specific area for any cross section of your organizational heirarchy.


Generate & download summary metrics in csv format for any time period

Historical roll-ups make it easy to filter, sort, and manipulate all your LRS data over any desired timespan, split up by organizational attributes from your HRIS data. They're called “roll-up reports” because they provide summary metrics by activity (# of completions, successes, attempts, and more) or specific information by people for any activities.

Export and share reports with stakeholders that don’t use Wax LRS directly or build reports in a spreadsheet editor like Excel.


Run powerful analytics queries on large data sets in seconds

We offer a data warehouse view of your LRS data, so you can run analytical queries directly or use a Business Intelligence tool. The data warehouse allows you to run OLAP SQL queries directly on your data, including window functions, group by cube/rollup/grouping sets, and common table expressions. It works in any BI or analytics tool that supports ODBC or JDBC. Ad-hoc analytical queries take 1 to 10 seconds, even with a large amount of data. By default the warehouse will have enough capacity to support one or two simultaneous queries, and we can add more capacity at an additional cost. The data warehouse view is suitable for bulk data retrieval and movement, such as ETL processes into other data warehouses.

Make it easier for other systems to consume LRS data for further usage and analysis.


Measure the impact of training interventions on business outcomes

The Business Impact Dashboard quantifies the impact of your interventions on sales, customer care call times, costs, or any other business metric you are tracking. Note: This is not a standard capability of Wax LRS. We will partner closely with you over the course of a 4-5 month implementation period then deliver a reusable interactive dashboard you can use.

This is not a simplistic statistical approach correlating training with performance. Such processes may do more harm than good and acting on faulty results costs businesses money. Our approach uses modern data techniques such as model averaging with built-in diagnostics that are sensitive to constantly changing business environments.

Present strong evidence for your business case to your customers and stakeholders. Results from the Business Impact Dashboard replace supposition and guesswork with hard facts.


Accelerate your xAPI development

Strict adherance to the xAPI specification is important to you and the Experience API ecosystem. Wax LRS maintains the strongest validation and returns very detailed error messages, but our partner developers and tinkerers need even greater visibility and improved xAPI development tools. The Wax LRS debugging page accelerates xAPI testing and development. State, Agent, and Activity Profile API data is visible and can be clicked into for more detail. This is especially useful for developing and troubleshooting arbitrary non-statement data sent to the LRS. All errors and related messages are displayed in near real-time on the debugging page for the last 7 days so you can easily browse the errors as you develop with the Experience API.

Know exactly what errors are occurring in real-time.


Manage multiple LRS subaccounts and admin teams

Using a single LRS account for development, production, or multiple customers can get complicated and lead to unintended consequences. Your development and production data needs to be properly separated so reporting is accurate. Wax LRS subaccounts make it possible to manage multiple LRS sites under the umbrella of a single billed parent LRS account. This makes it so you can logically separate your LRS data for development, QA, production, or per department and customer. Each sub-account inherits all the features and capabilities of the parent account. We also support SAML-based Single Sign On (SSO) for Wax LRS administrators.

Clear and easy multi-LRS account management.


Integrate your HRIS to slice and dice reports by groups

Add arbitrary attributes about your employees (geography, title/role, manager, job code, to Wax LRS from your HRIS via csv upload or the HR Attributes & Groups APIs. This allows you to segment your data and reporting in a way that corresponds to your organizational structure.

Slice reports, quantify the impact of interventions, and filter down by group and attribute to get the insights you need.


Best-in-class API documentation for almost everything

We give you well-documented APIs with sample code in multiple programming languages for programmatic access to your LRS data and other capabilities. Competencies, account management, reports, Experience API, and HR attributes capabilities and more coming. You need flexible access your data in order to build custom system integrations - our API documentation makes this possible.

If your plan includes the capability, you have API access at no extra charge.

  • Experience APIs - The Wax LRS implementation of the Experience API (xAPI) version 1.0.x.
  • Competency APIs - Define and aggregate data about rules for when people are competent, based on their results on activities you've sent data about.
  • Reports APIs - Resources meant to provide analysis of the statements submitted via the core functionality of the Experience API as implemented by Wax LRS.
  • HR Attributes & Groups APIs - Segment your data in a way that corresponds to your organization and then query or filter reports for groups of people.
  • Account Management APIs - Create and retrieve information about subaccounts, credentials, and LRS administrators.
  • Coming Soon! Agent Identifier Combining APIs.

Connect enterprise systems to Wax LRS without a single line of code

Wax LRS was the first to make tracking and connecting what people learn, do, and how they perform from multiple systems a lot easier using Zapier. Zapier is an online tool that helps people connect and automate over 250 different web applications. With Zapier and Wax LRS, you can automate the transfer of data by creating “Zaps”, which are recipes for moving data from one API to another. Just tell Zapier “When X happens, do Y” and it’ll make it happen.

The possibilities for combining and analyzing your data are almost endless.

Setup a free Wax LRS Explore plan and get access to our Zapier service beta invite to try it out for yourself. Here are some Zapier - Wax LRS tutorials to help you get started.


Scale to the moon with piece of mind and a financially backed SLA

Wax LRS focuses on consistent performance, fault tolerance, and high availability. We will always choose first for data integrity, second for availability and consistency, and third for speed. We can answer requests involving large amounts of data in not much more time than requests for smaller amounts of data. Our current estimated uptime is over 99.99% since October of 2013. We do not have maintenance downtime, and aim for 100% uptime.

We stand by our technology architecture and back up our words using Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with financially backed uptime, service availability, and response/resolution times.

We share your data privacy and security concerns

Our security practices focus on maintaining a small attack surface, addressing common vulnerabilities, ensuring they remain addressed by good development practices and tests, with extensive logging and analytics for events and access.

We encrypt data at rest and transfer between all internal services and with all customers. We do not support non-encrypted access to our APIs. Our main production database is encrypted with AES-256.

We also offer Standard Contractual Clauses (also referred to as “Model Clauses” or “Model Contracts”) that provide a straightforward and cost-effective mechanism for establishing safeguards to allow for the transfer and protection of personal data stored in Wax LRS and its data sub-processors. Our Standard Contractual Clauses constitute a pre-approved method for complying with the EU Data Protection Directive’s requirements concerning transfers of personal data out of the EU.

Coming Soon: Interactive Analytics!

Run queries to slice, bucket, and aggregate your Wax LRS data in a variety of ways to answer specific questions and drive feedback loops. This is a near-future capability of Wax LRS that's currently under heavy development. Select customers and consulting partners will have early access to Interactive Analytics.

Contact us to learn more about this powerful time-series analytics capability

Important: Final product may look and operate differently than what's portrayed in this image

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