Connectors & Integrations

Integrate your existing applications with Wax LRS using the Experience API and get the reporting you need

Wufoo Forms

Forms and surveys are a useful way to get feedback about training programs, gather real-world performance observations, and deliver quick knowledge checks & surveys. We are the only solution provider that lets you connect your form results to an LRS with no programming! Contact us for an invite to try this Wax LRS integration.

SharePoint 2010 & 2013

People access information on the intranet by sharing, authoring, and reading documents on SharePoint you can capture this in Wax LRS using our solution. You can even deliver existing formal content directly from your SharePoint site using this solution. Contact us so we can gather the required information needed about your SharePoint environment.

WordPress LTI Plugin

Using this open source connector you can launch Experience API published courses from your favorite authoring tool directly from WordPress when used in tandem with the free Saltbox Launcher. We can also customize this plugin to track other events from WordPress to Wax LRS.


Understand how collaboration and knowledge exchange is happening in your Yammer community in correlation to other learning events. Connect Yammer to Wax LRS to see it integrated with other learning data with no programming required. Contact us for an invite to try this Wax LRS integration.


If you are using Moodle as an online learning site or course management system, Contact us to see how you can capture this data in Wax LRS. You can also use the free Saltbox Launcher to deliver Experience API enabled content from your favorite authoring tool.


If you are using Drupal as a content management system or community resource, we can help you unite this informal learning data with other learning data in Wax LRS. Contact us to get started. You can also use the free Saltbox Launcher to deliver Experience API enabled content from your favorite authoring tool.

Google Course Builder

You can now connect results from Google Course Builder to other learning data easily. Create your courses, deploy them online and see the results flow into Wax LRS. The most recent version with Experience API support is available. Download it now.


SweetRush is a vendor-partner organization that offering custom eLearning, mLearning, simulations, video, communication, and content development services. Their solutions are compatible and tested on Wax LRS. Learn more about Sweetrush.


LearnUpon's cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) seamlessly integrates with Wax LRS. This integration allows Experience API statements from your courses launched on LearnUpon to be sent and stored to Wax LRS for reporting and interpretation purposes. LearnUpon is Experience API compliant and has been fully tested with Wax LRS. Sign up a free 30 day trial today.

Claro by Dominknow

Claro is a web-based authoring tool that lets users collaborate on development, share resources, and engage an unlimited number of reviewers. It offers a fully HTML5 compliant eLearning authoring environment and has some of the highest Experience API compliance. Claro is well tested with Wax LRS. Get Claro by DominKnow.

Adobe Captivate

Captivate software reimagines the way interactive eLearning is created for a multi-device world. Develop any-screen mobile learning without programming using all-new responsive authoring. Captivate 8 has been tested with Wax LRS. Learn more about Adobe Captivate.


Lectora 16 is a powerful rapid authoring tool for creating eLearning content. Lectora is Experience API v1.0.0 compliant and has been tested with Wax LRS. Learn more.

Successful salespeople actively use a CRM to open, update, track, progress, and close opportunities. This is valuable performance data that can now be stored directly to your Wax Learning Record Store with no programming required (using Zapier). Contact us for an invite to try this Wax LRS integration.

Go To Meeting

Go To Meeting is a widely used enterprise online meeting tool for collaboration, webinars, coaching sessions, and virtual training. Our Zapier integration makes it possible to track this in Wax LRS with no programming required. Contact us for an invite to try this Wax LRS integration.

Knowledge Guru

The Knowledge Guru is a game-based online learning solution. You can build your own games to teach facts, product knowledge, or safety procedures and track the results in any Experience API v1.0.0 compliant LRS (see how easy it is to connect with Wax LRS). Learn more about The Knowledge Guru.


It might be useful to track and use information about select tweets, mentions, searches, and new follower activity in an LRS. See how it works in this tutorial or contact us for an invite to try this Wax LRS integration.

Easy Generator

Easy Generator is the fastest and easiest way to develop and deploy eLearning content online, and it can be tracked in an LRS for further analysis because it's Experience API compliant. Easy Generator is well-tested with Wax LRS. Learn more about Easy Generator.

Gomo by Epic

GoMo Learning is Epic's multi-device e-learning and mobile learning authoring tool. This authoring tool has not been fully tested with Wax LRS. Learn more.

TES Apps

TES is an innovative suite of tools for assessing on the job training & performance that seemlessly integrates with your existing systems. Capture rich evidence using videos, images, and location data for audit purposes. TES has been extensively tested with Wax LRS. Learn more or get started today.
TES Observation Checklist: Lets trainers to do on‐the-­job skills assessments capturing rich image and video evidence
TES Observation Coach: Assigns coaching tasks to supervisors and managers, making sure trainees get the attention they need
TES Attendance: Helps manage your training program, from scheduling and invites, to attendance and more


iSPring Pro turns your PowerPoint slides into mobile-ready promo presentations for any device and platform. It's used for online HTML5 presentations, video lectures, and e-Learning courses. iSpring Pro is Experience API v1.0.0 compliant and has been tested with Wax LRS Get started now.

Articulate Storyline & Studio

Articulate Storyline and Studio are rapid authoring tools that enable you to create interactive eLearning. Storyline supports the Experience API v0.90 and Studio 13 (Presenter) supports the Experience API v1.0.0. To work with Wax LRS, all "TinCan" published course packages from Articulate Storyline must be converted.

Tappestry by Float

Tappestry is the first enterprise social network for learning, built by the industry mobile learning experts. It supports the Experience API and has been fully tested with Wax LRS. Learn more about Tappestry.

ZebraZapps by Allen Interactions

ZebraZapps is a cloud-based authoring system for creating rich interactive media applications in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface and has been fully tested with Wax LRS. Learn more about ZebraZapps and Wax LRS or go straight to the ZebraZapps site.

Open Sesame

Open Sesame instantly provides your business over 20,000 online courses and they now support the Experience API v1.0.0. Many of their courses have been tested with Wax LRS. Learn more about Open Sesame.


Grassblade lets you launch Experience API content from within WordPress and have the results stored in your favorite LRS. Download it now.

LearnDash Wordpress LMS

LearnDash has created a Wordpress LMS plugin so you can transform your Wordpress site into a Learning Management System. With a click of a button you can create and sell courses, set-up quizzes and automatically award certificates. Download it now.


Elucidat is an online course authoring tool that support the Experience API. Elucidat helps organizations make more effective elearning, faster. Successful organizations use Elucidat's simple and intuitive authoring tool to deliver high quality learning 50% faster. Respond quicker. Collaborate. Innovate. Learn more.

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