Wax LRS Pricing

Enterprise-tested scalability, features, and integrations without the installation, maintenance, and user fees.


Perfect for tinkerers & developers.
  • Standard Support
  • 2,000 statements per month


Gain insights into your organizational learning data at scale.
  • Expedited Support
  • 5,000,000+ statements per month


Unleash your data and change how learning impacts the business.
  • Premium SLA (Optional)
  • 5,000,000+ statements per month
  • Unlimited LRS Subaccounts
  • Business Intelligence Integration
  • Single Sign On
  • Interactive Analytics coming soon!

10% discount for annual payment. Contact us to set it up.

All of the plans above include the following capabilities:

Unlimited Admins Connect unlimited data sources Easy data integrations using Zapier
Define Competencies across training, behaviors, and performance Slice & dice reports by organizational HR Attributes Best in class Debugging tools
See data volume over time using Timelines View granular experiences in Activity Streams Explore and browse summaries of all your data without having to create reports in advance
Completion & Results Summaries Measure the quality of questions on assessments and quizzes using Question Analysis See paths taken through your content using Experience Paths
See Score Distributions for modules and other activities CSVs of what people have done by job role, location, or any other HR attribute with Historical Roll-Ups Embed reports in an LMS or website
Well-documented APIs for everything Get detailed Response Summaries for surveys and evaluations Understand what people are doing with Recently Active Content
Create up to 5 additional Learning Record Stores (Subaccounts) Flexible credential permissions and tagging Search to jump to anything in your LRS

Just need an LRS? The Basic LRS Plan includes 5,000,000+ statements and full Experience API support, but lacks the reporting capabilities of the Impact and Insights Plans shown above

Pricing FAQs (and more answers)

Where do I enter my billing info?

After logging into your Wax site, go to "Settings" in the top right corner of your dashboard and select "Billing" on the left to see all your billing options.

What payment methods do you offer?

Pay online using a credit card. We accept all major credit cards. We offer invoice billing for annual paid plans only. Invoices must be paid in full before account activation for annual plans.

Why do you charge by statement? What if I go over the statement limit for my plan?

We don't charge for statements! Our plans come with a set number of statements. If you think you'll need more, contact us to talk about a custom plan.

Can I change my selected plan?

Yes. You can switch plans at any time between any plans. If you are on a grandfathered plan (a plan that we no longer offer), and change to a new plan, you will not be able to switch back to the grandfathered plan.

What happens if I go over 2,000 statements on the Explore Plan?

You will not be charged anything, but you will not be able to store any more statements. Once you exceed 2,000 statements, Wax will ignore any new statements (they will not be stored)

Can I signup for the Impact Plan month to month?

No. The Impact plan requires a discussion to understand your BI tool integration use case using the Wax warehouse views which requires some initial setup and ongoing monitoring by us.

What is your SLA?

Contact us for our standard SLA on annual plans. Premium SLAs are optional and offered at an additional cost. Our SLAs include financially backed uptime with initial response and resolution times during and off business hours.

What is a statement?

Its a learning record that describes what somebody did or learned. When an online assessment is completed, the tool may send a statement to the LRS in the form of "Jane completed Quiz 1."

Do you offer a prepaid discount?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your needs and length of time for prepayment in more detail. We also offer multi-year discounts for annual plans.

Have billing questions or concerns?Contact Us